Daawat loves its guests. Even the tiniest ingredient of ‘the traditional Daawat experience’ that we offer our guests exists solely because of our focused approach to make them the centre of all our services. You would feel the relaxation of the cool ambiance as soon as you step into our beautiful abode. The personal attention given to our guests by the dedicated staff of our hotel goes a long way in helping us assist you in your stay and in establishing a good mutual bond. Besides that, we have an environment and the facilities that are fit for business activities and conference meetings as well.

The spectacular views from the hotel rooms with the green expanse and the fresh air are huge sources of attraction for the guests. You can enjoy this view from your personal balcony where you can curl up comfortably in the provided seat. We also have an elegant Terrace Garden that can hold 30-35 people in it. Being centrally located, Daawat is in close proximity to a lot of natural beauty from the Tri-city area and around.

Daawat cares about the wholesome experience of the guests and do not want him to miss out on the great outdoors as well. Excursions, trips and sight-seeing, these are regular part of our fun and affordable package deals. You can choose to relax with your loved ones in the coffee lounge, which is open for all 24 hours of the day. Or you can enjoy a beautiful candle light dinner with your special someone in the soft romantic lights of our restaurant. You can also avail of our in-room dining facility that is open for all 24 hours of the day.
The interiors and the beautification of the hotel are rooted in our traditional outlook. Even our culinary skills and their delicious end products are traditional in nature. We use the best raw material for the preparation of our food items.

Do visit us and we would love to serve you! We assure you a great Daawat experience while you’re with us and when it’s time for you to leave, you’ll take back the feeling of being welcomed and taken care of.

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