Religious Tourism Packages

Religious Tourism Packages

The religious, the peace-loving and the ones who need their souls unburdened- all can avail of this religious tourism package tour. Feel nearer to God and peace by visiting all these Sikh places of worship. We find many takers for gurudwaras. The religion is hardly an issue with our esteemed guest when they opt for these trips. In fact, the curiosity and the excitement with which our guests participate in these religious excursions have made these trips a success. We can customize these trips according to the group’s convenience. The journey from Daawat and back to the hotel is promised to be that of fun and complete relaxation. It’s important for us to fulfill the purpose of your religious trip and allow you maximum avenues to achieve a relaxed state of mind.


Some of the gurudwaras are given below:

Trip to Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) – Harmandir Sahib

the famed Golden Temple is a Sikh Gurudwara at the heart of Amritsar. The sight of the temple in the dark is a sight for sore eyes. The very atmosphere breathes of tranquility. It’s sad history and the importance attached to it makes it alluring.

Trip to Dukh Niwaran Sahib (Patiala)

as the name suggests, is highly regarded by the devotees as the eradicator of their miseries. The shine has a sarovar attached to it. It is believes that the water of this gurudwara has healing qualities. Many tourists flock to this temple to satisfy their curiosity and get a taste of the water themselves.

Trip to Nada Sahib (Panchkula)

It is one of the highlights of the city of Panchkula. This gurudwara, on the Ghaggar river bank in the Shivalik foothills has a serene environment as it sits in isolation. This is an important and famous shrine for the Sikh. It was the resting place for Guru Gobind Singh (tenth guru) during his trvales

Trip to Fatehgarh Sahib

This has yet another religious shrine of Punjab. It is known for the martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh’s youngest son. The entire city is holy with a gorgeous and peaceful marking of the famous Gurudwara. Get an exclusive trip to all these places at affordable rates and allow us to take you to these holy places for your refreshment.

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