Rejuvenate and refresh in the exotic ambiance of the luxurious spa at Hotel Daawat, which is renowned for its pleasing environment and exceptional service. An incredible range of beauty and wellness treatments, along with an intimate experience allows you to relax and surrender all your worries and stresses.


We proffer a rejuvenating experience for your whole body right from the implausible range of facials, hair treatments to massages, manicures & pedicures. Along with outer beauty, your inner wellness is also important for us and that is why we take exceptional care while choosing ingredients for our message pastes and facial packs. Only best quality products offered by world famous brands are used here, that are renowned for their therapeutic properties. Our knowledgeable team of experts knows how to blend the traditional with the modern, so that you get an unforgettable experience of rejuvenation. It is their skills and expertise, along with extensive knowledge of wellness treatments that makes them so credible to offer expert solution to your all queries.

Day to day activities, pollution and stress can make your skin look aged and exhausted. It requires dedicated attention and specialized treatments to bring back the glow and shine on your face. Visit our incredible spa and you will realize that what a few mixes of carefully chosen ingredients can do to your skin. You will be amazed at the results as your body and skin will emerge totally refreshed and revived. While the aromatic oils and pastes work wonder on your skin, the pleasing and comfortable setting of the spa fills your heart with joy. Amiable staff and their personalized attention, ensures that you are able to enjoy this invigorating experience to the fullest.


Escape the complexities of the routine life and enter a world of tranquility where rejuvenating messages and beauty treatments will not only detox your body, but will fill your soul with a new energy. Offering a unique and innovative blend of ancient massage techniques and advanced technology, our wide range of spa treatments will leave your body and soul fully rejuvenated. Indulge your senses in an exceptional experience and rediscover a new you!

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