Terrace Garden

Beautifully designed and decorated with natural features, terrace garden at the Hotel Daawat is a wonderful retreat in itself. It is a unique and striking space that magnetizes many guests, who specifically come here to enjoy the post card view of picture perfect locales in the calmness and tranquility.


Standing here and looking at the vastness of the open sky, gives you a chance to marvel at the immense scenic beauty of this amazing city, which makes it the preferred destination of local and international tourists. In every season, you will find Mohali adorned with varying shades of greens, yellow and orange, owing to the diverse varieties of trees that are sprinkled all over the city. This mystical play of colors makes it a view worth enjoying and capturing in your heart.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful city Mohali, from the wonderful Terrace Garden, that is exceptionally prim and well kept. It is an outdoor venue to enjoy the pleasant weather and picturesque locales, along with our incredible range of mouthwatering dishes. You will be served with an amazing array of delicacies and beverages, which beautifully complement the beauty of this fabulous and dazzling city. Elegant setting and vast space makes this terrace garden an ideal place to spend some relaxing moments in complete serenity or to enjoy a valuable time with your loved ones. Warm hospitality and immaculate service ensures that you enjoy this breathtaking experience to your heart’s content.


Mesmerizing view of the sunset, when the sky is filled with an extravagant array of colors, can be best enjoyed from the Terrace Garden. Also for an uninterrupted view of the gigantic hills located in the southern part, our terrace garden is the perfect venue. Catch a mesmerizing view of the Shivaliks hills that stands tall overlooking the neighboring city Chandigarh and makes a perfect backdrop to this astonishing place where scenic beauty and verdant parks abound. It is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime as an enthralling glance of the lush green gardens and beautifully styled homes will enchant you with their simplicity and elegance.

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